the art closet: a mobile public art research project

The Art Closet (TAC) is an emerging arts organization that aims to provide free access to art supplies for visual arts students. Our vision is to encourage retention and academic success among university-level visual art and design students and create new opportunities to expand universities' missions on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


TAC is planning to expand a student-centered campus initiative into a mobile public art research project. The mobile project would use arts research to provide visual arts and design students with access to art and design materials while studying the ways in which these strategies support diversity, equity, access, and inclusion efforts within the college and beyond. This project can prove as an asset to universities by supporting the professionalism of students engaging in arts education and arts & culture administration, and encouraging students to engage in academic research that results in service-learning and community projects.


Heavily focusing on the implications of student access and its relationship to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our goal is to expand the initiative into a public art research project that will be mobile and accessible to university students and their surrounding communities.